Steven’s Day

Today is Steven’s birthday and I suspect he most likely is feeling that it hasn’t been the best one. Mom keeps insisting I take her places, pay attention to her, and wanting to share the story of when Steven was born to anyone who will listen to her.

I’m trying to make this birthday a great one for him. I wrapped his present and signed his card. I’ve also drawn him a picture (granted it isn’t the best one I’ve done) on miiverse. I also felt that he could have done better. Anyway, he’s told me he’s happy with it and glad he’s happy.

Today may not have been the happiest for Steven, but I’m sure it beats some awful things that have happened in his life.

Also, sorry this entry’s not much longer, but I can’t think of anything else to write. My allergies are bothering me tonight, too.

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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May Day 2017

White Rabbit! I don’t really have much to report today, travelers; I was scheduled to open at the store today and really I’m quite worn out. I am almost over a cold/cough/sore throat that has lasted roughly a week and am still trying to relax for the evening. I had a lot I wanted to do, but not much was finished. I tried to keep myself busy and not worry so much about expenses or any of that, but things have been crazy and I’ve realized that I’m probably never going to be able to pay off my credit card in the near future. I probably won’t have it paid off  until at least September at this rate. I keep putting my health insurance on it and as of late I’ve had to put car repair bills on it. Oh dear, I’ve just turned this post into a depressing one; I wasn’t trying to be like “Oh woe is me! Have pity on me!” but that seems to be what happened. Please forgive me, travelers. I don’t want to do this to you all. I guess that’s part of the journey after all, though; we all complain from time to time and we all want someone to listen to us once in a while. Well, guess that’s what I’m doing today (tonight actually). Sorry about all that!

Not much else to report; I’ll try to write more soon, but I’m not sure just how soon that will be. Until then…

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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It’s Our Feast Day, Travelers!

Today is the day (at least according to the Catholic Church) we read in the Gospel about the two disciples who are traveling on the road to Emmaus. This is where I came up with the idea for the name of this blog. (You can find more on the About This Blog page.)

Back when I first started this blog, my faith was strong and I had very few doubts about my beliefs. Since then my faith has been tested, shattered, and is currently in the process of being rebuilt. I have no doubt, though, that this means it will soon be stronger than it was in the past. It’s all thanks to all of you! 😀 We are all travelers on the road to Emmaus; each one of us is traveling for many reasons. We are traveling because we are afraid and fleeing for our  lives because we are fearful of being Christian (for whatever reason). We are traveling because we wish to share the Good News and spread it to the far reaches of the earth. We are traveling because we are lost and hope to find someone or something to help us discover the direction to take next. We discover Jesus on this road no matter why we are traveling; He is present everywhere and in each one of us.

Enjoy today and take a break from your journey; just remember we are still traveling this road to Emmaus on this journey through life and we need each other. Jesus is present not only in the breaking of the bread, but in each of us!

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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I Don’t Deserve You

I don’t deserve friends like you; you’re all so kind! I actually have said these words recently (or something similar) this past week. I said those kind of words while talking with my general manager (I don’t know if I mentioned her by name before in this blog; if not her name’s Nicole) on Monday. I mostly talked, but it was because I had a lot on my mind. As I’ve stated many times, I’ve been struggling with my beliefs and faith life. That took up the majority of my afternoon while working with Nicole. I also stated how great a friend I had in her predecessor, as well. I don’t deserve friends I do have. Nicole is such an awesome listener! I poured out my guts to her and prepared to be (as I’ve said) crucified or stoned, but no. She listened, asked questions, and made me question myself and learn more.

Today, before opening the store, I asked and listened to a “sermon” from Nicole’s dad, Thayne. We talked about some of my beliefs and why I felt the way I do. Long story short (because we talked for about 10-15 minutes), I’m still not sure where I stand but I know a bit more of why some teachings are what they are. I will continue my search for my beliefs and where I stand. I don’t deserve friends like these two (as well as Steven and my former manager). I also don’t deserve you, my followers. I don’t deserve all of you, but that doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for all of you! I am happy and feel special/blessed to have all of you!

Well, nothing else to comment on tonight, but I’ll try to make another entry soon.

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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There’s Something in My Eyes

I was prepared this morning at Easter Sunday Mass to tell anyone who asked me about the reason why my eyes were watery. For some reason there was something in my eyes; something called “tears.” I was crying; I often cry only two times a year at church: Christmas and Easter. I also almost exclaimed to Mom, as the Easter Candle was finally lit and I looked towards the tabernacle, my usual: “HE’S BACK! HE’S BACK!” I usually am referencing the fact the tabernacle once again is housing the Eucharist and Jesus (transubstantiated in the Eucharistic hosts). After remembering/(or so-called) re-enacting the Last Supper, “the hosts are transferred to a place of repose” (  until they come back Holy Saturday night during the Easter Vigil at the Presentation of the Gifts. The only thing holding me back from saying anything was the sheer fact I’ve really been having a trying year and half with her and decided it was best not to say anything because she might not understand who I meant “is back” and that’d ruin everything. Instead I merely told myself repeatedly, He’s Back! He came back just as He promised!

As Mass progressed towards the middle, we as a parish renewed our baptismal promises. Even though I have my faith shaken and stirred lately, the questions that are usually asked during these are what make me cry once again. The core questions of the Catholic faith are summed up brilliantly in this (at maximum) 5 minute dialogue. (Here’s a wonderful page that has all those questions and answers on it.) If this was all there was to being Catholic…well, let’s just say my faith wouldn’t be so shaken and stirred as of late.

Mass continued and several times I felt a cold chill run down my spine and Daddy’s scent. I looked around a little, but didn’t see him of course. I’m sure he was there; I’m almost positive. I also found myself flashing back to Easter Sunday 10 years ago. I don’t know why I was doing that either, but at any rate Easter Sunday (First Sunday of Easter) is nearly finished and I’m still trying to get things done.

I’m also still trying to make sense of things that happened nearly 2,000 years ago. What would I have been like at that point? Would I have believed right away? Would I have run to the tomb and realized instantly that Jesus had risen? Really, I would like to think I’d believed right away, but I truly do not know.

Well, this post became much longer than I planned and I still haven’t accomplished everything I set out to do. I guess I’d better stop and get more done; hopefully that means our company will finally take off and succeed. I’ll try to write more in the future, but things have been very chaotic lately and I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to myself either. On the plus side, I am doing better with my prayer life and starting to regain some ground there, but we’ll see where that puts me. Until then…

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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Sad Drive Home

I turned on to the main street my house sits on and was instantly saddened. I knew this day was coming; I just wasn’t prepared for it to be so soon. A long line of trees line my street or rather used to line my street. Ever since the city started this weird maintenance, or whatever they want to call it, project I knew eventually I’d come home to very few trees down the road. 😥 I’m a nature lover and am always sad when something or someone destroys nature even if nature destroys itself. Anyway, so I drove on to my main road and saw at least 7 or 8 tree stumps with bright orange Xs on them. The trees were no longer standing and no longer waving their bright green foliage. I knew this day was coming, but I didn’t know it would be so soon. 😥 Just 4 tree stumps away is my oak tree that will soon be joining them. I don’t want to see it leave. It’s been there at least as long as I have (35 years). It doesn’t help knowing that they will plant new trees in the wake of all this; I suppose it wouldn’t hurt so bad if I knew that these trees were maybe dying or not in good health. As is most of these trees are in their prime. It reminds me of pulling the plug on someone who is on life-support. Yes, we all were able to pick what tree or trees we want replaced, but that’s still disheartening to me. (We picked a tulip tree if anyone’s curious.) So with this thunderstorm that’s coming tonight, and more in the future, I fear this means my yard will wash away and others, too. I mean these trees were put here for a reason, to prevent soil erosion. Anyway, thought I’d just share what’s on my mind and remind  you all to take time to enjoy nature in all its many forms because you never know when it won’t be there (or you won’t be there).

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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Foolish, White Rabbit

White Rabbit! So today will probably always be my  least favorite day of the year, but truth be told I am beginning to hate it less and less as the years go on because more and more people know how I hate practical jokes. I suppose I could even say today was actually just a normal Saturday at work. I’m quite glad!

I dreaded going in today because with it being April Fools’ Day I was worried that I might have a lot of people pulling jokes on me and seeing as how I’m very gullible, I’d probably believe them. I also partially feared that Thayne would show up today, too. From what I’ve been told, he’s quite the prankster! 😆 I don’t mind a few jokes here and there, but because I’m not into practical jokes and I am not usually able to tell when people are joking I didn’t want to deal with that today! I did want to talk to him, and still do, but I can wait until he comes in town next. That’s not a problem.

Anyway, not much else to talk about tonight but I will try to write tomorrow or Monday (at the latest).

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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Gone Too Long

I’m going to apologize for being gone for so long. I’ve been gone too long. I think if I remember rightly the last time I was here was when I was preparing for my endocrinologist appointment. I guess I should update you on that; I’m now on a new medication that most people have heard of because of commercials on the television — Januvia. I must admit it’s not as bad as I feared, but you know that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try harder to get myself off all my medications! No sir! I’m actually trying even harder than I did before; this is different from when I was pre-diabetic. When I was pre-diabetic, I recall telling myself and others something to the effect of “What does it matter what I do? I am going to be diabetic anyway! I might as well enjoy all this food.” Sadly, that’s exactly what happened: I became diabetic and didn’t change until I was forced to because I was told so many different and horrible things could happen to me (e.g., I could lose a limb due to complications with my diabetes). I’m not about to let that happen again!

Now that I’ve been on that prescription for almost a month, my blood sugar/glucose seems to be mostly in check. It’s not as great as I’d like, but it’s definitely not as bad as it was. I’m back to having about 124 mg/dl to 140 mg/dl as a fasting reading. It had been over 140 mg/dl (one day I remember it was 175 mg/dl 😥 )!

I’m now reading and hearing reports of Trump repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t happen because that’s the only way I can afford my healthcare (prescriptions, treatment, and doctor visits). It also enables me to get insurance in the first place because most health insurances won’t take me as I have so many pre-existing conditions. 😥

Here’s something more positive! I actually have been very busy working on a new service for C & S Productions. I’ve asked on lots of social media outlets, hypothetically, what would people think if we switched gears and did video editing. Not a single person responded, but on Twitter I got a few re-tweets which told me, I might be on to something. So for the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been working on editing several videos and finally have 2 videos to show for all my hard work. Initially, I planned to show live action videos (which included family) but instead switched to my animation projects and other CGI videos. I am happy to say things have 2 videos (one is a demo reel and one is a video ad) to show off my video editing skills. Maybe, soon-ish, I’ll post a video here or a link to one of them.

I guess that’s all for now. Again, I apologize for being gone too long. I’ll try to update more in the near future (hopefully before Easter or on Easter).

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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The Case of the Missing White Rabbit

Okay, I messed up! I got busy yesterday and completely forgot to post my usual, White Rabbit post. I’m sorry. 😳 While I could be covert or creative saying a lion ate my poor, white rabbit I’m not going to do that because for one reason I’d be feeling just awful about a poor bunny being eaten by a lion 😥 and reason number two, I’d rather just cut to the chase.

So, my dear, fellow travelers, I’ve been very busy and very stressed to say it briefly. Things have been going awry for quite some time and I haven’t really expressed these things in my blog for various reasons and not the least of which is that I have family that reads this blog and there are things I’m not quite ready to share with my extended family just yet. If you know me in real life you probably already know most of these. My extended family, even though they know me in real  life (duh!), doesn’t know it or if they don’t it’s not because I told them but merely because they’ve caught on to the subtleties that have not been said. Those of you who do know what’s going on, please don’t say anything yet — just keep praying — thank you! 🙂

Some of the things going on, I do feel like discussing and I do this because I want everyone to know them and to know that if they’re experiencing some of these same situations, they aren’t alone. Without further delay, here’s a few of them.

I believe I said this somewhere in my blog (and if I can find it there will be a link in this sentence somewhere), I have been struggling with my faith life as of late. I’ve been questioning things more often and not really sure where I fit in with it all. For those of you who may have noticed subtle things, you might have noticed on my “About Christy” page and the short description of me below my entries, I have eliminated a part of it where I mentioned parts of my faith life. Yes, this was intentional and with good cause on my part. As I said, my religious (spiritual?) side of my life is a bit rocky right now. I still pray (which is why my blogs still end with the phrase “Love and prayers.” I still pray and I still believe, mostly, but there are things that just don’t “feel right” any more. I’ll leave it at that for now. So there’s that off my chest. WHEW! That feels a bit better now that I’ve explained that.

Next, work has been a struggle as well. I am not sure how much of this I’ll post because I don’t want to get too many upset with me or say I’m spreading gossip. I’ll say this, sometimes being a leader at home and at work can be a bit daunting and it takes a lot out of you when you think you know what’s in everyone’s best interest, but no one wants to own up to it or listen to you. As a result, at work at any rate, I’ve fallen into a trap I did once before — claiming that “Everything is fine!” I find myself saying that it’s okay that things aren’t as cheery or fun because things are just a bit rocky while we work through the “boring times” at work. “Everything is fine! We’re going to be okay.” All the while, my workplace is possibly burning around me. Yes, I can see it metaphorically burning as people refuse to work their shifts, beg others for their shifts, arrive late, don’t come at all, etc. I can see it, I just refuse some days to acknowledge it. I also feel I’ve hit a glass ceiling again. I would really like a raise and feel I deserve one, but I know how tight money is at work right now. I also feel I can’t really move any farther up because there’s no more positions available for me as of right now. I’m a shift leader, ice cream manager, and trainer. Unless I step up to become assistant store manager or something like that, there’s really no other position for me right now.

There’s also my health right now. My health is probably not as great as I’d like because I’m spending every waking moment stressing about work, home, and (my last topic) my personal business. I know I’ve overeaten more than a few times in the past week or two. I also know my blood sugar/glucose has not been ideal either. I am also getting more “tinsel” or gray in my hair as of late. Most people will never know it’s there because I either wear my work hat to cover it up or I comb it over into my remaining dark hair. I saw it tonight when I finished combing my hair after my shower. I also know that eating on my work schedule doesn’t help matters. I have to eat when I’m not hungry or suffer through my shift by being hungry about halfway through it because I didn’t eat when I should have (either before work or during my scheduled lunch break). If only I could get my personal business to work for me! :-/

My personal business, C & S Productions LLC, sadly took a nosedive in the middle of last year and never fully recovered. We only made roughly $120 last year. 😥 (I am also trying to do our taxes for both the company and our personal taxes, which is why I know this figure.) Apparently, 3D printing and rapid-prototyping went out the door to small businesses late last year when the average person could now afford his (gender neutral) own 3D printer because costs have greatly decreased. Here I am now trying to research a new venue for our company. I’ve come up with 3 ideas and am researching them like mad! I’ve also made 3 sticky notes full of reasons I have to make our company succeed at all costs! Apparently my company is surrounded by the number 3 as of late and I’m hoping that’s not a bad thing (since 3 seems to be an unlucky number for some reason with me). 🙄

Well, there you have it, a novella of why I haven’t been posting much and what you can do to help me feel better again. Mostly, pray for my family and me. Secondly, check out our company and see if there’s anything at all you might be remotely interested in purchasing. If you have an idea for a 3D print/model, by all means let me know; I’d be happy to try to make something for you. 😀

Sorry this was a long entry and thanks to all 2 of you who actually read it all and will help me (and my family?) in any way you can! 😉 To the rest of you, I will try to update more regularly so you don’t have to read a novella each time you come to Travelers on the Road. 😆 I do have a couple doctor’s appointments coming up soon (Wednesday, March 8 & Monday, March 13), so I could use some extra prayers then. Mom also has an appointment this coming Monday, March 6.

Okay, enough talking, I’m sure most of you would like to get back to you daily lives and stop reading about me or at the very least have more things on your list that you’d like to get done tonight/today. Don’t mind me; I’m signing off now.

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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When the Listener Talks

When the listener finally talks, who listens to her (gender neutral sort of in this case)? In my instance, being the listener, I finally broke my silence and decided to talk today. I needed someone to listen to me. Who listened? Thayne Thompson: that’s who! I appreciate being able to talk and not have someone judge me or jump to conclusions. I only have two (physical) people in my life who do that.

Today I decided to spend my half hour of lunch talking and listening to Thayne. It’s just been a bit of a struggle in life lately. I spent more than half an hour, unfortunately, but I managed to get it okay-ed and felt better after listening and talking with Thayne.

So who else listens when the listener talks? I have learned, God/Jesus listens when we talk, too. To be fair, though, how often are we listening vs. how much are we talking? We need to do both in not just our relationship with other humans, but also with God/Jesus.

On a side note, or rather ending note, I’m so sorry I haven’t written lately. I haven’t felt inspired to write anything and I felt it’s not important to have lots of posts (mostly about nothing), but rather have few notes that are inspiring and focused. I’ll leave you with that and talk to you next time (whenever that is).

Love and prayers, as always! ❤

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