It’s Takeover Time by Me!

Anyone who has ever watched or listened to Yu-Gi-Oh! the Original Series, knows very well where that phrase came from and who said it. For those of you who haven’t, the character’s name is Seto Kaiba. (Why do I feel we’ve had this conversation before?! πŸ˜• Well, no matter.) For some very bizarre reason most people can only ever see Seto Kaiba as the villain. Not me! I could always relate to him; probably because he’s the oldest of two brothers and has to help his brother (and himself) succeed in a world where they were initially looked down upon and even given up for adoption. While I may never have been given up for adoption, I have always helped Steven (my younger brother) out of many jams and feel that the world looks down upon us, too. Anyway, I’m digressing to the point of my entry tonight and before I forget, yet again, please forgive me for not tending to this blog as often as I should. I also don’t take kindly to anyone who has tried to put Steven or myself down either now or in the past. I promise you, I will find a way to stand up to you and your shenanigans in one way or another! πŸ˜‰

The main point of this entry tonight was to tell you, I’m finally ready to take ownership of everything that I must do as the unofficial/legal leader of my family and my life. I know that most people think that I should just leave well enough alone and let Mom stay in charge. I used to think so, too. Things have been taking a lot of negative turns and I’m sure I’m not the only one to see some of them. I also have neglected going through some personal belongings and some of Daddy’s things. Mostly I neglected to do them because I kept trying to tell myself everything was okay. Nothing was wrong. In the end, nothing was done and I’m now sifting through piles and piles of papers, boxes full of magazines, old books (textbooks and just books in general), memorabilia that I have no idea what they are or why I saved them in the first place, and just things I forgot we had. With that being said, most likely I am not having a Christmas tree this year. I know that seems tragic to a lot of people, but really it’s also kind of not necessary. Steven and I know the real reason behind Christmas and it’s not really needed; it’s a hassle to get the Christmas stuff down from the attic (and my poor wrists aren’t taking it as well as they used to). Also we’re not planning to spend a lot on Christmas this year either. My bank account and credit card have seen better days.

All that being said, I’m finally taking ownership of making my company succeed, cleaning, and going through things to finally get rid of once and for all! I’m ready to make a difference and get this place cleaned up! It’s takeover time by me! πŸ™‚

Love and prayers, as always! ❀


About Christy

I enjoy: my family, my faith life, photography, drawing; writing, working on cars, basketball, football, and baseball. These are just a few of the many things I'll just have to read my blog to know me better to know more of them. Other things you may not catch on that I enjoy are: cats, angels, ballroom dancing, Christian music, camping (being one with nature and all of God's creations), traveling, cherry and apple blossoms, and the colors blue (in all shades), white, black, dark purple, and SOME shades of pink. (Rainbows are cool, too. And I'm NOT a lesbian! Although, I'm friends with some gays and lesbians as well as a few transgenders.) I am Roman Catholic. I graduated from Johnson County Community College, where I majored in Animation in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of being a computer generated animation movie maker. I also have a degree in Corporate Communication from Avila University. I'm currently employed at Nestle Toll House/Haagen-Dazs (at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park), I own my own business -- C & S Productions, L.L.C. (check it out at, and am single. My favorite time of year is Winter and the Christmas season! It's just so...well, I can't put it into words. ^_^ Lastly, I am 37 years young!
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