A Part of My Life Is Gone

Today, more specifically this morning, I helped Steven part ways with his scooter (moped, motorcycle, whatever you want to call it) he used while away in Lawrence, Kansas, for college (university studies). It was harder than I thought it’d be. We both tried not to cry and didn’t think we were going to get so choked up over this. I mean we’d been trying to sell this thing for the past two years off and on; finally just this past week he asked me to find a place to donate it since no one else would buy it or take it off our hands.

I found out one of the local mission centers in our area accepted donations of vehicles (running or not) and would fix it up, use themselves or donate it for an auction, and give us a tax break on it. I was happy; these people will take great care of it and make sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Everything seemed to be going fine. We found the necessary paperwork, filled out forms, brought together accessories and other parts of scooter we wouldn’t be needing (like a cover, wrenches, etc.). Then today came. A chance of rain and gloomy skies. How appropriate for giving away a part of your life.

The weather held off and didn’t rain until this evening. All day long we’d been trying to go about life as normal, but somehow I still couldn’t shake the fact we just gave away a part of our lives. I helped him change oil, repair mirrors, charge its battery. And just like that; it is gone. One of the last things Daddy bought him is now gone. We had no need to keep it; it just ate up money with repairs and insurance. But somehow it hurt just the same to get rid of it. I’m sure in time I will forget all about it again and we’ll move on.

It’ll just be a photograph on my computer/camera SD card. Soon it will not matter any more. I’ll forget all about it. I’m sure someone will get it for a Christmas gift and they’ll be overjoyed and it will start a new life. But for right now, it’s hard. I couldn’t stand to watch it leave. Had to be even harder on Steven as he helped load it into the truck and watched the donation man ratchet it into place. Yeah, that had to be rough.

I-I have to stop writing now; I’m bursting into tears. I can’t write any more. I’m sorry. I will write again next week (most likely) as I have to work until next Thursday. I will talk to you all then.

Love and prayers!


About Christy

I enjoy: my family, my faith life, photography, drawing; writing, working on cars, basketball, football, and baseball. These are just a few of the many things I like...you'll just have to read my blog to know me better to know more of them. Other things you may not catch on that I enjoy are: cats, angels, ballroom dancing, Christian music, camping (being one with nature and all of God's creations), traveling, cherry and apple blossoms, and the colors blue (in all shades), white, black, dark purple, and SOME shades of pink. (Rainbows are cool, too. And I'm NOT a lesbian! Although, I'm friends with some gays and lesbians as well as a few transgenders.) I am Roman Catholic. I graduated from Johnson County Community College, where I majored in Animation in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of being a computer generated animation movie maker. I also have a degree in Corporate Communication from Avila University. I'm currently employed at Nestle Toll House/Haagen-Dazs (at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park), I own my own business -- C & S Productions, L.L.C. (check it out at http://www.csproductionsllc.com), and am single. My favorite time of year is Winter and the Christmas season! It's just so...well, I can't put it into words. ^_^ Lastly, I am 36 years young!
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