Just Not My Year — Health Wise

Health wise, this just hasn’t been my year! 😥 Today I’m a sniffly mess. I hope I’m not coming down with a cold, but to play it safe I started taking some antibiotics and over the counter meds that supposedly help with shortening the length of a cold. My head’s kind of stuffy too at the moment. Anyway, so I also went to get a flu shot today; they didn’t think it was anything severe that I had so they gave it to me anyway.

I hope I’m not getting sick again! My part-time gig at the mall is already down another person and I’m trying to work my best to keep things going and to stay healthy so if needed they can call me in and I can work.

Anyway, so I’m fighting this cold (I’ll just say that for now) and I probably should have picked up some orange juice on my way home from our walk this evening at the mall (I didn’t want to chance going to the gym tonight since I’m not feeling too well), but I didn’t. As is I’m just downing these pills and hoping they’ll stop my cold soon.

I think I picked up this cold last Saturday when my co-worker came in saying she didn’t feel too great herself and had a cold. Lovely! 😦 See I patted her on the back and told her I hoped she got better, but by doing so I probably gave myself the cold virus then — especially since the first thing I touched after doing that was my eye since it itched.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just fight this stupid thing off and get back to work on much more important projects (like trying to get some work done for Plaster Designs (which will be changing its name soon to something else, when I get the time again).

I managed to get some modeling done albeit it wasn’t much and doesn’t look as awesome as I’d have liked. I will be posting screenshots in the next week or two.

Not much else to report right now; just pray for my health and I’ll do my best to post in the next few days.

Love and prayers!


About Christy

I enjoy: my family, my faith life, photography, drawing; writing, working on cars, basketball, football, and baseball. These are just a few of the many things I like...you'll just have to read my blog to know me better to know more of them. Other things you may not catch on that I enjoy are: cats, angels, ballroom dancing, Christian music, camping (being one with nature and all of God's creations), traveling, cherry and apple blossoms, and the colors blue (in all shades), white, black, dark purple, and SOME shades of pink. (Rainbows are cool, too. And I'm NOT a lesbian! Although, I'm friends with some gays and lesbians as well as a few transgenders.) I am Roman Catholic. I graduated from Johnson County Community College, where I majored in Animation in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of being a computer generated animation movie maker. I also have a degree in Corporate Communication from Avila University. I'm currently employed at Nestle Toll House/Haagen-Dazs (at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park), I own my own business -- C & S Productions, L.L.C. (check it out at http://www.csproductionsllc.com), and am single. My favorite time of year is Winter and the Christmas season! It's just so...well, I can't put it into words. ^_^ Lastly, I am 36 years young!
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