Ronald Reagan vs. Pontius Pilate

Could I make this any more poignant?! 😀 Well, I suppose I could have titled this Jesus Christ vs. Pontius Pilate, but I decided against that thinking that was a bit too Biblical or more appropriate for a novel (hey, now there’s an idea for a story 😉 ). Anyway, back to my point for this entry.

If you recall last night I said I was going to spend some time contrasting some of the better leaders with some of the not so great leaders. Tonight I chose Ronald Reagan and Pontius Pilate to start the series.

Why Ronald Reagan? Well, let me begin with a painfully obvious one (to a lot of people): he was my favorite president. He was very diplomatic and knew how to get people rallied up for whatever cause he was fighting at that time. I remember how he stood up to Mikhail Gorbachev and demanded he “tear down this Wall!” in reference to the Berlin Wall and the communist movement. He wanted to reunite Berlin and all of the world to talks of peace and equality. This was during the Cold War. I actually remember seeing this on TV, despite the fact I was quite young and didn’t fully understand all that was going on at the time, but I understood enough to realize that things weren’t very happy there and around the world as a whole. Ronald Reagan also, as I recall, would listen to both sides of a story and then make a decision. He also knew that standing up for what he believed to be morally correct is not always an easy thing to do. I’m sure it took a lot of guts to stand before Mr. Gorbachev and demand “the Wall” be torn down; lots of people might have thought it would have been better to just bomb the heck out of the German communists, but Mr. Reagan decided to be diplomatic instead. He took a chance at being unpopular and actually got favorable results! The Wall was actually torn down and diplomacy returned. What an awesome leader! 😀

On the flip side, Pontius Pilate was a leader during the trial of Jesus Christ. He faced a similar problem. Did he give in to the demands of the people and release a convicted felon (Barabas)? Or would he go with his heart and release an innocent man, Jesus Christ? As we all know Pontius Pilate was too afraid to stand up for Jesus and release Him. Pontius Pilate feared that by doing what was unpopular at the time would result in a riot and he might be killed. I can’t say I blame him; at this point in my life, I’m also afraid of rejection (maybe not as extreme as his and being killed, but I risk being unloved by family — both immediate and extended). It’s hard to do what isn’t popular and to stand up for what you believe is right. Apparently, Pontius Pilate was like I am now, afraid that doing what you believe to be right and not popular will result in turmoil and hatred. But if you stand up for what is right, you may actually not have people happy with you in the short-term, but in the long-term people maybe better off and happier. I’m going to try to not be like Pontius Pilate and wash my hands of anything that may make the crowds happier in the short-term, but what will make them happier in the long-term. 😀

See, that wasn’t as far-fetched of a compare and contrast as you thought it’d be! It actually turned out even better than I had planned it to be…not that I actually had an outline for this entry (really, I didn’t! I wrote this on the seat of my pants)! 😆

Cant wait to see whom I write about tomorrow! Until then…

Love and prayers!


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