A Visit from My Monster

Do you remember the last time I talked about my “monster“? It wasn’t too long ago and I guess I should stop calling it my “monster” because it’s getting easier to conquer, but it still scares the bejesus out of me. Well, anyway much like how I was procrastinating about my encounter with this beast, I’m procrastinating about why I brought it up again.

Since starting my job at Yankee Candle there have been some tasks I’d rather not do and places I’d rather not visit. Today was one of those days. I had to go with someone (a co-worker of mine) to learn how to take out the trash and recycling. Well, that doesn’t seem like a difficult task until you find out that in order to do that I have to take the freight elevator. ELEVATOR?! đŸ˜¥ No! Anything but an elevator!

Well, the simple task turned into a horror show of sorts. I felt myself getting weak in the knees and almost fainting because I had to ride an elevator and I didn’t want to ride it. Sure it’s only one floor and I can handle that right? Wrong! I am still very much afraid of elevators, but mostly due to the fact that we are told to always bring a cell phone with us. Does this mean the elevator has a tendency not to work or get stuck?! Oh God, I hope not! But anyway, I feel sorry for my co-worker. She is now probably traumatized and shocked that a 33-year-old leapt into her arms and clung to her like a cat with claws. I must admit it was not AS bad as it could have been. The ride is only 1 minute maybe a 1 1/2 minutes at most, but still it feels like an eternity to one who is terrified (such as myself). I am determined, though, to make this work and get over my fears of this hideous beast — the elevator!

Love and prayers (as I try to vanquish this monster)!

About Christy

I enjoy: my family, my faith life, photography, drawing; writing, working on cars, basketball, football, and baseball. These are just a few of the many things I like...you'll just have to read my blog to know me better to know more of them. Other things you may not catch on that I enjoy are: cats, angels, ballroom dancing, Christian music, camping (being one with nature and all of God's creations), traveling, cherry and apple blossoms, and the colors blue (in all shades), white, black, dark purple, and SOME shades of pink. (Rainbows are cool, too. And I'm NOT a lesbian! Although, I'm friends with some gays and lesbians as well as a few transgenders.) I am Roman Catholic. I graduated from Johnson County Community College, where I majored in Animation in hopes of fulfilling my dreams of being a computer generated animation movie maker. I also have a degree in Corporate Communication from Avila University. I'm currently employed at Nestle Toll House/Haagen-Dazs (at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park), I own my own business -- C & S Productions, L.L.C. (check it out at http://www.csproductionsllc.com), and am single. My favorite time of year is Winter and the Christmas season! It's just so...well, I can't put it into words. ^_^ Lastly, I am 36 years young!
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